listen, mell, if im gonna die, i'm gonna air all my dirty laundry before i do.

noah + gay + he/him!
the most important thing abt this is that i luv my bff and if u hate him then go fuck urself

aqarius sun (2.13) aries moon / sag rising + intp
im mentally ill (dont ask) and talk a lot about it

my best friend / big bwother is micah and i love him ! if you have any problem at all with him or he has a problem with you dont waste your time here

i get attatched to things easily and tend to rant / spam messages (not to get attention) esp when im in a good mood. a lot of the things i do can be seen as annoying but i really do try my best.

pwease be nice to me mistew!

you could go,

don't interact/follow
-shaladin/shallie or supporter
-over 19
-i know you irl
-you're against kinning
-pedo/apologist, romanticize mental issues, murder, incest etc for any reasons
-stan murderers

ask to follow
-we dont have mutuals
-you found me from my main and i didnt give you this @

please follow
-sourcemates !!:)
-we share mutuals

you know.

jason deanheathers (movie/musi)nah
jake dillingerbe more chillask
noah fosterscream (mtv)nah
jackson averygreys anatomyask
kokichi oumasdrv3ask
lexie greygreys anatomysure

most are unlisted


-crawl your way out.

"no way, flames at the front, too. you're stuck with me.

the password is halloween party or pins and patches! thanks for reading

"bummer. thought id atleast get to die without an annoying jock breathing down my neck.